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TWINS: We want as many twins as possible to answer THESE QUESTIONS. This collaboration will need a host and some identical twins. To host the game, follow these steps:

1) Provide each twin with a stack of printer paper and a large pen/marker.

2) Sit each twin next to each other so that they’re in the same shot.

3) Sit behind the camera as the host to ask the questions provided below.

4) There are three rounds. For each question, have each twin hold up their answers at the same time in front of the camera. Please have them write their answers as largely and visibly as possible - we’d like to see them on camera. The questions in round 3 apply to both twins at the same time.

I might just have to do this. hmm..

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    I WANNA DO THIS BUT… Samm doesn’t speak english and my accent it’s weird D:
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    *gasp!* *grabs twin brother* WE’RE READY!! GO! :D
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